Product image cutting disc prime


For cutting of all types of materials.

Diamond edge for extreme durability and developed for use also in battery machines. Don´t change cutting disc – just use the same for your next task

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Karlatornet and serneke values safety!

At Karlatornet, it is a requirement to secure your hand tools.
See how Serneke works on the 62nd floor!

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The consequences of a lost object can be huge since we sometimes work at heights up to 300 meters

Johan and Dag from Nord Access understand the importance of a safe workplace. A normal day at work may include disassembly of a radio mast hanging from a helicopter, inspection of a wind turbine or hoisting themselves down into a mine shaft.

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Did you know that...

Dropped objects is the third most common cause for injuries and deaths in the oil and gas industry*

Source: DROPS

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