Luna Apr 2020

“In a worst-case scenario someone may lose their life”

Odd Einar Haugan is Senior Technician at the Norwegian offshore group Kvaerner and is responsible for the quality level of the tool fall protection equipment. He has good knowledge about the risks of falling objects on construction sites. Tool fall protection has since long been an important part of his everyday work and is given high priority in the work process.


Kvaerner was founded as early as 1853 and today has approximately 2,700 employees. They provide engineering, procurement and construction services and deliver advanced offshore platforms, onshore plants, floating production units and renewable energy solutions. In addition, Kvaerner is considered a good example of a company that has come far in their safety work.

– We want to be the best in the industry so that everyone can work safely. It is also something that makes us more attractive as an employer. Therefore, it is important to have good contacts with our suppliers, so we, among other things, get the help we need to secure our tools, says Odd Einar Haugan.

After many years of dedicated safety focus, Kvaerner has seen that incidents have been reduced in their workplaces. Above all, with the help of tool fall protection, the number of falling objects has decreased significantly. In addition, they always fence off areas below when work is conducted at heights.

– We have to do this. Neglecting tool fall protection and absence of fenced off areas can, at best, lead to a shallow wound should a person get hit. But since we are working at heights up to 40 meters, someone can lose their life in a worst-case scenario, says Odd Einar Haugan.

He also says that they focus heavily on internal rules in the workplace. They carry out safety rounds once a week to investigate potential threats. Implementing this is the responsibility of the Head of Safety. To further improve the safety, it is a requirement that all employees attend a safety course.

– During the one-day safety course, all employees have to go through the requirements for operations here at Kvaerner. We inform about all rules which applies to maintain safety. We also go through all the equipment like gloves, shoes and helmets, says Odd Einar Haugan.

The learning does not end there. Kvaerner continuously train their employees about safety requirements and the importance of tool fall protection. In addition, a risk analysis is performed in the working groups before work at heights begin.

– If we get a water leakage out on the floor it may freeze to ice. Therefore, we must be careful in the safety work and work strategically when it comes to scaffolding, railings, signs and tarpaulins, says Odd Einar Haugan.

Kvaerner’s cooperation with their suppliers has been one of several key factors to maintain a safe workplace.

– For us, most important is that we have products that last over time and that we continue to have a good dialogue with our suppliers, concludes Odd Einar Haugan.