Luna Nov 2019

Luna Tools launches Bits Prime

Luna Bits Prime is the latest product within the power tool accessories range. An extremely durable bit, especially developed for professionals with exceptional demands on performance. 

Bits with low life time and poor fit to the screw is a source of frustration for professional craftsmen. It is with this insight in mind that Luna Tools has developed a series of bits with extreme durability.

”The advantage we have with Luna Bits Prime is due to different factors. The very precise hardening process, together with the dual ZrN-coating in the tip, creates a bit that can handle high torque and wear. The torsion zone is optimized for both impact screw drivers and regular ones alike. Also, the fit between the bit and the screw is something the development team has put a lot of effort into”, says Stefan Sjöstedt, Assortment Manager for Power Tool Accessories at Luna Tools.

On social media, and on Luna’s web page a video is just launched where the same bit is used for 1000 screws, with a minimum of wear on the bit. Stefan Sjöstedt continues: ”After we stopped filming, we continued for almost two more hours, and we still couldn’t see any major wear on the product. A strong evidence that Luna Bits Prime fulfills our highly set specifications.”

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Stefan concludes: “Our 100-year knowledge of how Nordic craftsmen works, the Nordic construction materials, and the Nordic climate allows us to design and manufacture products that are perfectly adopted to our customers’ needs. The power tools’ brands are good at machines, we are good at power tool accessories.”

Luna Tool’s offer within power tool accessories contains over 3000 article numbers. The brand is one of the leaders in the product category in the Nordic region. The target customer group is professional craftsmen with highly set demands for quality and performance. The assortment includes bits, hole saws, hammer drills, jigsaw blades, reciprocating saw blades, multi tools, cutting tools, grinding tools, circular saw blades, and much more